Security application for Blackberry


  • Easy to use
  • Customisable categories


  • No password control
  • No ‘file’ protection


This program can no longer be downloaded. You can look for alternatives in Blackberry > Tools and Utilities > Security.

The majority of security solutions for mobile devices work on the basis of protecting information on your device via some sort of encryption. Typically, you set a master password and this is used to hide and encode all your other passwords and anything else you consider sensitive enough to hide. MiniSafe is no great departure from this method of protecting data.

When you first run MiniSafe, it prompts you to set a master password which will in future protect access to any records you include in the program. To me, this is the central weakness of the wallet type programs: to access your private data and remove its encryption, all that’s needed is one password. MiniSafe allows passwords of only one character, which I feel is a mistake. It is not unusual these days to see a request for a more complex password involving numbers, letters and variations of case. Often, a ‘password strength meter’ is shown. Allowing such weak passwords means that MiniSafe is only as good as the password you set – so make sure it’s a good one!

Once the password is set, the user is shown a brief set of instructions. This is a good feature which could be incorporated into more applications. The instructions outline how the program works, and how to enter records into its database. After this, it’s straight into the main interface of the program, which is fairly easy to use. You can add records to a comprehensive series of categories, or create your own categories and use them. Unfortunately, there is no way to add email messages or pictures to the database, as its really only designed to protect ‘wallet’ type information.

So, while MiniSafe is easy to use, its level of security and its functionality aren’t much to shout about. That said, it is a very able wallet application with a small footprint and clear user interface.

MiniSafe is a mobile application that provides secure and easy access to your security sensitive information such as passwords, PINs, etc. You are able to access your information wherever you go and yet the security of your information will never be compromised.

Besides strong security features, MiniSafe is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. You may use MiniSafe to organize and categorize your information, and access your information with ease with our Advanced filtering feature.

MiniSafe's intuitive user interface is specially designed for BlackBerry handheld. It is optimized for small and portable handheld. You are required to have only 64K of application memory to install the software.

Features of MiniSafe include:

  • Securing your information by AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
  • Optimized for small and portable handhelds
  • Advanced filtering
  • Customizable table columns and sorting field
  • User defined types and categories
  • Customizable password generator
  • Mask/unmask security sensitive information
  • Selectable icons
  • Inactivity logout
  • Backup and restore your information
  • MiniSafe Desktop for Windows with two-way synchronization
  • Import CSV, eWallet TXT, SplashID vID and CryptMagic TXT
  • Export as CSV

Protect your confidential data with this powerful security solution for Blackberry.




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