Google Drive

Google Drive

Your documents everywhere


  • Great collaboration tools
  • Auto saves your documents
  • Supports all file types
  • Great support with mobile apps
  • Syncs between all your devices
  • Offline editing


  • Too much unused 'white space'
  • Somewhat cluttered interface


Google Drive is Google's cloud service that syncs all of your documents between all of your machines and keeps them securely in the cloud.

If Microsoft isn't afraid of Google, it should be. Microsoft Office has been ingrained in the minds of millions as the default document editing suite for years. Google Docs, now called Google Drive, is a direct competitor to Office.

While Google Drive isn't as powerful as Office, it contains enough features for the average consumer to not miss Office at all. Best of all, Google Drive saves all your documents in the cloud so you'll never lose a document. Google also has a suite of mobile apps on iOS and Android so you can view or edit your Google Drive documents on the go.

When Google Docs turned into Google Drive, it introduced the ability to save any type of file. Users can now create folders and fill them with whatever files they want, directly competing with Dropbox and All files will be synced as Google has a desktop application for Windows and Mac.

There are also powerful collaboration tools in Google Drive that allow you to invite other users to view and edit documents. There's a commenting and revision system so you can see who did what. This is great for people looking to work on a project together.

Overall, Google Drive is a great office suite and cloud storage alternative. If you use Google's other services, you'll love Google Drive.

Google Drive

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Google Drive

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