Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

Adorable puzzle game


  • Easy to learn
  • Tons of levels
  • Cute graphics


  • Some levels are complicated to complete


Cut the Rope is a puzzle game you can play on your web browser and is physics-based.

Your ultimate goal in Cut the Rope is to feed a cute little creature pieces of candy. The catch? The candy is tied up in ropes and there are obstacles you'll need to avoid in order to ensure your weird little pet gets fed.

Each level in Cut the Rope takes place in the box your pet lives in and starts with a piece of candy tied to a rope. Your creature is somewhere below the candy, waiting to be fed. You just need to figure out which ropes to cut and when in order to get the candy into the creature's mouth.

To sever the rope, you simply swipe across it with your mouse in Cut the Rope's browser based version. Cut the Rope becomes more and more complicated as you go through the levels and ends up throwing other elements into your way such as floating bubbles, spikes and even spiders.

Cut the Rope might seem simple, but many of the levels can be challenging and it is addicting in a way similar to Angry Birds. While you might get stuck on the same level for awhile trying to figure it out, it surprisingly doesn't become dull. There are lots of different ways to hit your goal and, perhaps cutest of all, your pet will make adorable facial expressions, depending on how well you're doing throughout the came.

Cut the Rope is a fun browser game for all ages that quickly becomes addicting.

Cut the Rope

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Cut the Rope

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