The best Android games to play on public transport

The best Android games to play on public transport

In our The best Android games to… series, we go through the best Android games to play for any given time or place. In this installment, we’ll go through the best Android games to play on public transport.

All these games offer short sessions, one-handed gameplay, an optional 3G conntection, and easy access pause button, making them perfect for quick trips on the subway, train, or bus.

Bejeweled Blitz: the king of puzzle games

Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a version of the game Bejeweled, which is specifically designed for smartphones. The famous puzzle game has swapped its usual sessions for quick 60 second ones, a timeframe that’s perfectly suited to mobile (and train) platforms.

It’s still about aligning 3 jewels in a row to make them explode, but in Bejeweled Blitz, you have just 1 minute to make the greatest number of combinations you can. A perfect alternative to Candy Crush Saga or Farm Heroes Saga, it’s a game that showcases perfectly the match 3 concept introduced by the puzzle kings PopCap. You’ll prefer the original to the copy!


Need A Hero: an exciting pocket-sized adventure

Need a HeroNeed A Hero is a hybrid of a puzzle and role-play game. With funny graphics, endearing characters, and an addictive theme, this game is likely to get you hooked.

In Need A Hero, you need to connect objects of the same colors spread over a grid to create the longest possible strings. In addition to the legendary courage and devastating charm of your hero, you can count on special attacks of formidable efficiency. You can also improve your character’s equipment to defeat your enemies even easier!

Need A Hero

Subway Surfers: fast-paced action for daredevils

Subway SurfersSubway Surfers is a running game that will put your reflexes to the test in a frantic race along an open air subway line.

Your mission is to help an apprentice graffiti artist flee the cops by dodging the many obstacles that stand in his way. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also need to try and collect the maximum number of coins and items which are scattered on the tracks to complete side missions. Fortunately, you can count on many bonuses that will facilitate the task: basketballs, a jetpack and even a flying skateboard.

With its ultra-fast games and extremely simple handling, not to mention it’s subway theme, Subway Surfers was a perfect for this list.

Subway Surfers

2048 + Fibonacci Mobile Puzzle: even more addictive than Sudoku

20482048 is an extremely addictive puzzle with an extremely simple concept: the goal is to move the numbered boxes on a grid to achieve the legendary score of 2048 by adding numbers of the same value. After the phenomenal success of the online version of the game, 2048 is continuing its success on Android.

Fans of the original game can rediscover the mechanics that made ​​the the original so glorious, indulging in their new obsession during their daily commute. If you’ve already got to the end of the traditional mode of 2048, this mobile version offers a variant based on the Fibonacci sequence. It’s the ideal solution for training and practicing tips revealed by the creator of the game.


Cut the Rope 2: a puzzle to be enjoyed, not in moderation

Cut the Rope 2Halfway between a puzzle game and a skill game, Cut the Rope 2 is quite simply the perfect game to pass the time between two bus stops.

Once again, you’ll be helping the monster Om Nom eat all the candies in a series of puzzles based on skill, which will appeal to savvy players. While it’s easy to learn, Cut the Rope 2 will keep you hooked in the long term through its myriad of optional challenges and endearing animations. The cherry on top? Cut the Rope 2 is a free download. Om nom!


With these 5 mobile games, you’re never going to get bored between stations, but be careful not to miss your stop– we can’t be held responsible if you’re late for work.

Make sure to check out the rest of our The best Android games to… series.

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